Friday, 8 August 2008

Drawing Sexy Artwork

After being a lover of art, artwork, drawings and paintings in general, there's one thing I've noticed about the artists that end up doing really well in this field. It's not natural talent, practice, incentives (money) or anything else, but passion. I guess it's the same with anything- if there's something your really love doing, you'll do well at it. I know people that like drawing, and people that get paid hundreds or thousands of dollars to draw, but they're unsatisfied with what they do- they lack passion and therefore fail to progress as far as many others.

Some people might think a pin-up artists or hentai creator is a poor excuse for an artist, but often the work these guys produce is amazing. I believe it's because they fuse a passion for art and drawing wit their love the opposite sex which combines to create something many people can't resist to appreciate. The only reason why babe art in genreal might not get the kudos it deserves is probably due to people with supposed 'high moral standards'- they think it's degrading to portray women in a sexy, sexual way.

To people like that, I say fair enough, have your own opinion, but dont start thinking your better than these artists that put a lot of effort, energy and passion into a sexy piece of artwork that many other people are more than happy to appreciate.

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