Saturday, 2 August 2008

Big Boob Babe Games

One of the reasons I love Japan so much is the fact they just dont make games like this in the west.

Youtube member "evilmajikman" gave it the following review:

"This game is actually ok. You have 4 girls to choose from. Although the gameplay is a little too easy. It feels more like a interactive manga. You barely ever have to make choices, all in all you probably have about a good 10 choices to make in the game. Although it's not bad. My favorite girl in the game is Cocoa, because she has a lot of history with he main character, and is in a bad relationship with her husband, I give the game a strong 3.5/5 If it had more girls and endings it would be 5/5"

So if you can get hold of this game, it might be worth playing? If anyone knows of any better games out there, let me know ^_^

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