Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Monday, 21 July 2014

What big... eyes you have

She certainly has very interesting eyes... and boobs!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Boobs- that's all I'm saying

 Anyone know what anime/thing she's from?

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hyperdimension Neptunia

RPG Video game Hyperdimension Neptunia has some amazing, sexy sci-fi anime style CG artwork. Check it out:

Monday, 26 November 2012

Top 10 Sexiest Anime T-shirts on Zazzle

To be honest, there isn't a lot in the way of hot anime girl T-shirts when you search the Zazzle market place. Most designs I came across in my search wouldn't really be considered anime or manga, but managed to find a few nice shirts all the same.

Here are my top 10 hottest anime girl T-shirts for sale:

#10 Cat Girl Shirt

#9 Succubus Shirt

#8 Moon Sprite Shirt

#7 School Girl Shirt

#6 Geisha Girl Shirt

#5 Bunny beach Girl Shirt

#4 Cape Girl Shirt

#3 Pillow Hearts Shirt

Pillow Hearts T Shirt
Pillow Hearts T Shirt by edgartadeo
Design your own custom tee shirt online at Zazzle.

#10 Maid Girl Shirt

Anime Girl - Honey Tshirts
Anime Girl - Honey Tshirts by OrganicMetal
Create your own custom shirts at zazzle.com

#1 Devil Girl Shirt

Devil Girl T Shirt
Devil Girl T Shirt by Str8jackit
Find other teeshirts at zazzle.com

These anime art inspired designs have been adapted specifically for Zazzle products.  For many of them you can customize each design by adding writing or changing the background color (if available) and so on!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Top 5 Sexiest Anime Skateboards

Back in the day I used to skate a bit and was into a lot of the sexy anime art from the Hook-Ups skate brand. I'm sure seasoned skateboarders will know the name. I had a few cool t-shirts, and a hook-ups wallet a few years back. I was browsing for anime skateboards on Zazzle to see what can be bought if you happen to be a fan of anime girls and like to skate, or know someone who does.

Here are my top 5 hottest anime girl skate decks for sale:

  #5 No Warning Emo Girl Deck
NO WARNING. Emo girl Skateboard Deck
NO WARNING. Emo girl Skateboard Deck by demonday33

  #4 Shibuya Girl Kaori Deck

#3 Anime Babe Deck

#2 Nikki Deck

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Anime Babe Prints and Posters Now Available

New anime babe designs are now available to purchase in the form of prints at Zazzle. Designs can be customized with personalized text or pictures to make them truly original. Check out Honey Does Spring Cleaning, Bikini babe and Cyber girl prints:

Friday, 9 November 2012

Top 100 sexiesy anime girls

After the last Top 50 hot anime girl list, I thought I'd double up on the sexiest anime girls by posting up another Rob the anime guy video from Youtube. Another super comprehensive list and a nice selection of character artwork accompanying each girl, plus a new top 5...

The top 5 on this list are:

5: CC - Code Gease

4: Kan'u Unchou - Ikkitousen

3: Charlotte Dunois - Infinite Stratos

2: Saber = Fate/Stay Night

1: Rin Tousaka - Fate/Stay Night

A Few of the comments about this video included:
  • i wanna live in Japanese anime
  • im also happy cuz you put one piece girls and fairy tale also. anyway thank you soso much!!!!!!
  • LOL hanconk deserves to be at top 10
  • What anime is that because she is smoken hot!!!
  • Dam Dude You got the TOP 4 Right ^,..,^ I Aprove to This
  • Those in the 100 are all Right, They may NOT be on the right spot but still as long as there on it.
  • if your talking about the intro that was Yoko, there is a music video all about yoko where they dress her up in a bunch of outfits, thats what you saw
  • who was the one in the very begining
  • I was eagerly sitting through this list hoping that Kyou would be ranked pretty high but I didn't expect u to put her at 14. Pretty nice. I probably haven't watched nearly as many anime as the uploader but atleast I now know I can trust the maker of this video. I approve of Rin at #1 too.
  • you know real life sucks when the lowest ranked girl in a anime women top 100 is already roughly 100x hotter than any real woman on this planet